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  Tamil Ringtones Online - Free SMS Service To India

Tamil Ringtones Online is owned and operated by Sivakasi based Kuttyjapan Web Services

Hi Everybody, want to send free SMS to any mobile in India from Internet without any cost and also Unlimited SMS to your friends........

You can now send SMS to your family members, colleagues, relatives, friends mobiles with free of cost. It is free for the receiver mobile also as all incoming SMS to any mobile in India is free. In India the cellular operators are not charging for incoming SMS. So enjoy Tamil Ringtons Online services!!!


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Here's how to get the latest Ring Tones, Color Graphics and Phone Games for your cell phone:

  1. Register a new account. It is completely free and only takes a moment.
  2. Find all the Tones, Color Graphics, Nokia Logos, Phone Games and Java Apps you like and add them to your shopping cart.
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Just send an email from your hotmail or yahoo mail account to the Mobile Email of your friend and it will SMSed to your friend mobile phone.

Delivery of the Message : It will be delivered in minutes. If the cell is switched off, then the message will be delivered as soon as it comes to the network. So no probs!

Example: If your Friend Mobile No is 9843028370, then your Friend Mobile No. Series is 9843 and so you have to send an email to your friend as 9843028370@bplmobile.com and it will be SMSed to his mobile. Thats it...

State - India Cellular Operator
Many of the Cellular Operators in India are offering Email2mobile service. Only some are left behind. Hope they soon come up.
Mobile No. Series
Ex : 9849x xxxxx
Mobile Email - SMS
Eg. " 0 12345" number as example.
Just Like mobilenumber@airtelmail.com
1.  Andhra Pradesh Airtel 9849 919849012345@airtelap.com
2.  Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular 9848 9848012345@ideacellular.net
3.  Chennai Skycell / Airtel 9840 919840012345@airtelchennai.com
4.  Chennai RPG Cellular 9841 9841012345@rpgmail.net
5.  Delhi Airtel 9810 919810012345@airtelmail.com
6.  Delhi Hutch 9811 9811012345@delhi.hutch.co.in
7.  Gujarat Idea 9824 9824012345@ideacellular.net
8.  Gujarat Airtel 9898 919898012345@ airtelmail.com
9.  Gujarat Celforce / Fascel 9825 9825012345@celforce.com
10. Goa Airtel 9890 919890012345@airtelmail.com
11. Goa BPL Mobile 9823 9823012345@bplmobile.com
12. Goa Idea Cellular 9822 9822012345@ideacellular.net
13. Haryana Airtel 9896 919896012345@airtelmail.com
14. Haryana Escotel 9812 9812012345@escotelmobile.com
15. Himachal Pradesh Airtel 9816 919816012345@airtelmail.com
16. Karnataka Airtel 9845 919845012345@airtelmail.com
17. Kerala Airtel 9895 919895012345@airtelmail.com
18. Kerala Escotel 9847 9847012345@escotelmobile.com
19. Kerala BPL Mobile 9846 9846012345@bplmobile.com
20. Kolkata Airtel 9831 919831012345@airtelkol.com
21. Madhya Pradesh Airtel 9893 919893012345@airtelmail.com
22. Maharashtra Airtel 9890 919890012345@airtelmail.com
23. Maharashtra BPL Mobile 9823 9823012345@bplmobile.com
24. Maharashtra Idea Cellular 9822 9822012345@ideacellular.net
25. Mumbai Airtel 9892 919892012345@airtelmail.com
26. Mumbai BPL Mobile 9821 9821012345@bplmobile.com
27. Punjab Airtel 9815 919815012345@airtelmail.com
28. Pondicherry BPL Mobile 9843 9843012345@bplmobile.com
29. Tamil Nadu Airtel 9894 919894012345@airteltn.com
30. Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile 9843 9843012345@bplmobile.com
31. Tamil Nadu Aircel 9842 9842012345@airsms.com
32. Uttar Pradesh (West) Escotel 9837 9837012345@escotelmobile.com
33. Uttar Pradesh (West) Airtel ?? ??

Hi friends,  please mail me any corrections, additions and suggestions to the above list to webmaster@kuttyjapan.com

Supported Networks

Airtel - Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai (Skycell), Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (West)

Hutch - Delhi

Escotel - Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Kerala

BPL Mobile - Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Goa

Idea Cellular - Andhra Pradesh (Tata), Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat

RPG Cellular - Chennai

Aircel - Tamil Nadu

Celforce (Fascel) - Gujarat

==>The Author is not responsible for any errors in the above list and also delays in the message delivery system. Message Delivery time depends upon the cellular network.

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